Train your parrot to stop screaming NOW with the push of a button!

How To Stop Parrot Screaming

Is your parrot driving you crazy by screaming for attention every time you leave the room?

This is an extremely common problem for many parrot owners, but there is finally a fast and effective solution!  Use a remote controlled strobe light to implement a system of distraction and “positive punishment” so your parrot learns to stop screaming for attention in as little as 3 days!




Before using this information, please do the following:

1) Make sure your bird is not screaming due to hunger, thirst, pain, fear, boredom, illness, depression, etc.   This training technique is only intended to be used on healthy birds to train them to stop excessive screaming for attention.

2) Try using traditional training methods first.  For example, don’t yell at the bird when it squawks.  If you’re out of the room when the bird squawks, don’t re-enter the room until the bird is quiet, then reward the bird for being quiet.

Note that StopScreamingPolly does not sell any products directly, we only provide information so you can build your own training kit.  We have used this method on our own birds with spectacular results, that’s why we are sharing this information, not for profit.  By using this information you assume any/all risks.  That being said, we have never heard of anyone having a negative result, though about 5% of parrots have been reported to ignore the training.




Step 1) Purchase a Mini-Strobe Light, for example ONE of these:

Step 2) Purchase a simple Remote Control Power Switch, for example ONE of these:


Step 3) Follow these instructions for assembling and using the device: Assembly Instructions


Step 4) Properly use the device by only turning on the strobe light for a few brief seconds whenever the bird screams excessively for attention.  Never point the strobe light directly at the bird.  Use the device as little as possible to achieve the desired results.  If the bird does not respond quickly by stopping his/her screaming, stop using the device.  Assuming the device is effective and the bird stops screaming as soon as the light is used, quickly reinforce the “quiet” behavior by giving your bird love and attention, and perhaps a treat!


We sincerely ask that you treat your parrot with respect and use our devices as little as possible to achieve the desired effects.  Usually one short burst of flashing light for 3-5 seconds is enough to stop any bird from screaming, and if you use this training technique consistently for a few consecutive days you should see a decrease in the frequency of the problem bird’s screaming.​


Note that it is important not to expose your pet to the flashing strobe light for prolonged periods of time as this may cause your bird unnecessary stress.  Always make sure that your parrot is screaming for attention, and is not in danger or injured before activating our training device.  If your parrot is showing signs of significant stress including shaking, feather plucking, or sitting at the bottom of the cage, do not use these products and please consult with a vet immediately.


If you are not comfortable using the training method, but you would still like to train your parrot to stop screaming, try our Traditional Parrot Training Store.


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