Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do your devices really work?

Answer: YES!  The strobe light technique works about 95% of the time when used properly.


Question: Do your devices harm the bird in any way?

Answer: When used properly for short durations, our products have been shown to be completely harmless to every healthy bird that has been exposed  to our technique of strobe light training.  That being said, we strongly caution our customers to never expose their bird to prolonged flashing light for an extended period of time as it will cause the bird unnecessary stress.  Usually 3-5 seconds is enough to distract any bird.  If you have any concerns about using this product with your bird, especially if your bird has a history or known risk of seizures, please consult with your Vet before using this product.  Also be sure to read and follow our directions carefully to achieve the best results.


Question: How do you KNOW it’s safe?  Are you Doctors?

Answer: No, we are not Doctors, we’re just life-long bird lovers with years of experience owning, breeding and raising various parrots.  We tested these products on our own parrots back in 2012 before offering them to anyone else.  After achieving amazing results in just a matter of days with our own parrots, we offered free sample kits to volunteers with “Problem Parrots” in the Los Angeles area for several months.  After receiving extensive positive feedback and ZERO reports of any negative impact, we launched StopScreamingPolly and began offering this information to the public.   Since every bird is different, we cannot realistically guarantee that our devices will work in every scenario, nor can we guarantee that your bird will not have a negative response to strobe light training, we can only speak from experience with our own birds and with the dozens of birds that have been trained successfully so far.  If you have any doubts, ask your vet before using our product!


Question: If the device doesn’t work, can I return it?

Answer: YES, simply ship the products back to Amazon!


Question: Why don’t you sell the product directly?  Why do I have to buy the strobe light and remote control from Amazon?

Answer: We may offer direct sales in the future, but for now we are simply trying to help out our fellow bird lovers by providing information to help them build their own extremely easy to use parrot training kits.  Amazon provides very affordable and convenient shopping as well as extremely easy returns, that’s why we suggest ordering from them.  You are welcome to source your own strobe light and remote control switch from anywhere you prefer.


Question: I’m still uncomfortable using a strobe light or vibration device for training my parrot… what should I do?

Answer: Try using all traditional training methods first!  Our partners sell various training books and DVDs in our Traditional Training Store.


If you have any other questions, please Contact Us!